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Voice Mail

[Akito’s voice]
You reached Akito Wanijima, I am currently not available but I’ll be quite pleased to know that you called, just leave a message after you hear the bip.

[Agito’s voice] If it’s for me don’t fucking have the trouble, if I want to reach you I’ll call you myself.

[Akito’s voice]… And you can leave a message for Agito Wanijima as well…



The previous posts to this one are Akito/Agito/ Lind ic posts from the community mallowmateys 


Wohoo! Fuck! It’s been a while since I got to get out of that shitty cage!!


Shit! This body is a mess!! What the hell as Agito been up to? If he wanted to do a new trick he should just fucking let me take care of business. Dammit, I am soaking wet!



So, any ladies in here interested in having a good time with a real man? I promise you girls that you will have the time of your lives…


Oh, and just for you guys to know, Agito and Akito took the year off, my name is Lind, I am planning on sticking.

[[ooc: so, introducing their third personality, Lind. He will stay on for a full day and at the end of the day Agito will kick him inside again.]


[[Accidental video post]]

You see Agito sleeping soundly with his back against the ramp on his shark back. His hand is on the water and his body is slowly slipping, until he finally falls on the water soundly.
A second after he is moving his arms fiercely, holding his shark so that he surfaces]

“Fuck!! Fuck!!” he gasps, raising his soaked wet body. Looks to the computer and notices that it’s on, turning it off.

[[ooc: Agito was on this post canon updated until chapter 262 when they got inside the planes]]


[[Accidental video post]]

[The video starts recording showing Spitfire’s legs (and they are wonderful legs mind you xD), it’s night, but you can see the ship’s graveyard because someone placed lights on most of the ships surrounding the area]

Again! Maintain the velocity! [He shouts to the sea,
where a Agito/Akito’s shark appears wearing this armour and Agito swimming with a tired expression towards it, climbing on top of the animal, holding on each hand on of the grips of the armour and standing on top of him on a crouched position]

“AHHHH!!!” [He gives a loud shout, making the shark starting to charge forward with some speed] [Agito holds on for sometime but ends ups slipping and falling on the water]

[You hear now Spitfire sighing, while waiting for Agito to come on the surface]


[Video stream ends]


Akito/Agito Wanijima

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